Celebrity news update:Why Kesha lost in court to Dr. Luke, and what's next

New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich denied singer Kesha’s request for a preliminary injunction last week that would have lifted her contract with Sony Records and freed her from working with her long-time producer Dr. Luke.

The singer claimed the producer abused her sexually, verbally and physically, and his behavior led to her eating disorders. Dr. Luke (Lukasz Gottwald) fired back with breach of contract and defamation claims.

Kesha has a big group of celebs on her side and seems to have to won in the court of public opinion.

But Dr. Luke is the one who won in actual court.

Former LA prosecutor Alan Jackson speculated how Justice Kornreich came to her decision.

Jackson wrote in an e-mail to FOX411: “She ignored the salacious and emotional nature of the allegations back and forth, and focused on the certain undisputed facts: 1) that Gottwald (Dr. Luke) spent tens of millions of dollars on Kesha’s career; 2) that Kesha benefited from those significant efforts; and 3) that Kesha entered into an arm’s length, ‘typical’ contract with Dr. Luke while she was represented by capable counsel.”

Jackson believes the judge saw a simple contract dispute.

“For the court, the hair-raising allegations of sexual misconduct was just so much white noise—the injunction application was a contract dispute plain and simple.”

When Justice Kornreich turned down the request, she also stated Kesha "is being given the opportunity to record."

In 2005, Dr. Luke discovered Kesha Sebert at the age of 18 and signed her to his label-Kemosabe Entertainment. In 2010, she released her first album under Dr. Luke’s label and in 2014 she checked into rehab for an eating disorder. In October of that year she filed suit claiming Dr. Luke abused her for almost 10 years.

In court documents, Kesha claims, “Dr. Luke abused Ms. Sebert in order to destroy her self-confidence, self-image, and self-worth so that he could maintain complete control over her life and career.”

The music producer’s alleged behavior is detailed in the court documents.

“…Dr. Luke would boast and brag to Ms. Sebert about how he liked to take girls out on a first date, get them as drunk as possible, and [have sex with them].”

In the documents, Kesha claims the music producer gave her “sober pills,” which she states were date rape drugs. She also details an alleged time when she was found naked in his bed and times when he supposedly threatened to destroy her and her family if she ever told anyone about his abusive behavior.

Dr. Luke took to Twitter Monday afternoon to tweet about the case.