Celebrity news:‘This is not going to happen’: Michelle Bridges recounts how she overcame being sexually assaulted

MICHELLE Bridges has recounted her experience of being sexually assaulted as an 18-year-old and how she overcame the incident in the years after.
Speaking with the Mamamia’s No Filter podcast, the celebrity trainer said she was assaulted while applying for a job at a nightclub. When the club owner forced himself on her, she fought him off.
“The thing that kept coming into my mind was that I just kept saying to myself, ‘This is not going to happen. This is not going to happen. This is so not going to happen. This is not going to be my story,’” she said.
“I was adamant to put up the best fight possible.”
She ran to a police station to report the incident and the owner was later jailed.
At the man’s trial, Bridges said she was questioned over what she was wearing at the time.
“I was 18, it was 1988,” she told the podcast. “It was actually in court that that came up, his lawyer started bringing into the whole court case what I was wearing.”
Bridges sought therapy as a way of overcoming the incident, but was unable to continue paying for the sessions.
“I think I did, like, three sessions and I thought, ‘God, this is so expensive. I’m going to have to work this out for myself”.’”
The 45-year-old recently welcomed a baby boy, Axel, with partner Steve ‘Commando’ Willis.