Celebrity news:Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s $1 Billion Divorce: Splitting After Almost 2 Years Together

Kimye? More like Kim-NAY. A new report claims that Kanye West’s meltdowns have pushed Kim Kardashian to her limit, and now the couple are preparing for divorce before their 2-year anniversary.
Kim Kardashian, 35, has had enough of Kanye West, 38, and his wild rants about Taylor Swift and more. Sadly, the couple are reportedly calling it quits, because the mother of two thinks the relationship as become “unbearable.” Yikes.

“Kim tried hard to save this marriage, but it’s become unbearable,” a source close to the couple tells Star magazine inside their March 7 issue. This shocking report about the end of Kimye comes right on the tail of Kanye’s non-stop Twitter rants, which started shortly before he released his latest album, The Life Of Pablo. However, you won’t be surprised to hear that it was Kris Jenner, 60, who reportedly convinced Kim to pull the plug.

“Kris finally told her that Kanye was ruining their brand and draining their money — and that she should end it as soon as possible,” the source explained. “I believe Kim’s already secretly spoken to divorce attorneys.” Wow, that escalated quickly.

But, it doesn’t end here, because there is also a lot of money at stake if they really do get divorced.

The report goes on to claim that not only is Kanye in $53 million debt as he’s previously said, but that he’s also “borrowed” millions of dollars from Kim — without her consent.

“She eventually found out from her accountants, and Kim feels he’s essentially stolen millions from her,” a source explains. Whoa, that’s a massive accusation — and would not make for a pretty court battle, with or without their pre-nup agreement.

FYI: Kim’s rep tells HollywoodLife.com that any report of them getting a divorce is FALSE. Phew!

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reference source:hollywoodlife