Fashion:The Trends You Should Invest In, According to Your Age

Whether you like it or not, we are all growing up and entering new seasons of life. From getting your your very first job to having your first child to retiring, there are certain pieces you should have in your wardrobe to best accommodate those times, and of course those pieces should be as fashionable and as chic as possible.
Although we are categorizing these trends and items according to age, you should invest in and wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. When push comes to shove, you should wear what you like—we are just here to suggest pieces that we love for these specific age groups. From a versatile slip dress to shoulder cutouts, there is a little something in here for everyone. 

From 20s:Slip dresses
Slip dresses are a versatile investment for a girl in her 20s. You can wear one to work, for a night out, or even to a formal event. Since your 20s are the years when you tend to be jetting from one thing to another, a purchase that can accommodate that lifestyle is ideal.

From 30s:Shop pleated midi skirts

Pleated midi skirts are great because not only are they on-trend, but the length is appropriate for all ages. This silhouette also fits in well at the workplace, which is important to consider since your 30s are the years when you often find yourself working most.
 Pleated midi skirts:

From 40s:Shop bell sleeves
Bell sleeves are an extremely flattering silhouette whether you are in love with your arms or not. The unique structure of the sleeve adds a lot to any look, sans the effort—a pro if you are running around with the kids and don't have time to meticulously plan out a killer outfit.
 Bell sleeves:

From 50s:Shop cutout shoulder pieces
Your shoulders are a part of your body that never seem to age. Cutout shoulder tops or dresses are a great way to show off some skin without being too reveling.
cutout shoulder pieces:

From 60s:Shop flat slides
Flat slide shoes are a sleek, on-trend style that keeps you low to the ground, equaling maximum comfort. These shoes also keep you looking polished without having to slip into a pair of stilettos.
 flat slides: