There were suits, glam gowns and flashing flesh but underpants reigned supreme on the Grammys red carpet

OK, it’s a red carpet ‘thing’ but please, please, can some of our mega celebrities please put their pants back on?
Pants please: Taylor Swift in colour-blocked Versace 2 pieces, (undies included) on the red carpet during the Grammy Awards Picture: Valerie Macon
The Grammys always bring out the best and the more questionable of fashion choices — that’s why we love them — and while I loved everything about Taylor Swift’s look — from her colour choices, her Anna Wintour-inspired bob and killer jewels, Tay-Tay just didn’t need to show what looked to be, quite simply, matching Lycra designer briefs.

I, like many others (Fred Nile aside) adore seeing, observing and wearing sensual clothes. But this contrived ‘let’s show a hint of undies’ isn’t as sexy as the wearer sometimes thinks.
Fortunately Taylor wasn’t the only undies advocate at the Grammys.
There was Ciara. Hello thigh!
Ciara arrives at the 58th annual Grammy Awards. Picture: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
And Lady Gaga. Hello VBL (visible bodysuit line).

Lady Gaga’s tribe to David Bowie: reveals what looks to be a bodysuit under an exquisite Marc Jacobs embellished jacket at the Grammy Awards. Picture: Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS
When faced with, well, intimate images, suddenly all hotness just seems to disappate when a skirt just goes that bit too far up. Baam! Once you look, I suddenly get the feeling I’ve stepped into the Best & Less undies aisle.
Okay, but if there is a bright side to all of this, at least it’s better than our celeb set going commando ...