Gwen Stefani: My new album was healing and depressing

Gwen Stefani has revealed the recording process for her new album was both "depressing" and "healing" as it deals with the emotions she experienced when she separated from her husband Gavin Rossdale.

Gwen Stefani's new album was both "depressing" and "healing" to make.

The 46-year-old singer has been reflecting on the recording process of her third solo LP 'This Is What the Truth Feels Like' which deals with her split and divorce from Gavin Rossdale and admits the entire experience was very cathartic.

Discussing the live video for 'Make Me Like You' which she debuted on TV in a commercial break during the Grammys on Monday night (15.02.16), she said: "I think the opportunity to work with Target and do the live video for the Grammys last night was kinda the motivation to get me finished. It was a little depressing for me because that writing process was so intense, so healing, magical, but now I'm feeling that kind of place where I get to share it."

Gwen - who has three sons, Kingston, nine, Zuma, seven, and 23-month-old Apollo - insists the album is more than just "music" to her and she considers an important record of a moment in her life.

She told E! News: "It feels victorious, you know what I mean, and it represents so much more than just music. It's my life and such an amazing process."

While the album's lyrical content mainly deals with her break-up from Bush frontman Gavin - who she split from in 2015 - she appears to have written 'Make Me Like You' about her new beau Blake Shelton.

On the track, she sings: "I was fine before I met you. I was broken but fine. I was lost and uncertain. But my heart was still mine. I was free before I met you I was broken but free. All alone in the clear view. But now you are all I see."

'This Is What the Truth Feels Like' will be released ton March 18.