Use an Online Entertainment Agency to Hire Out The Best Bands

Are you one of those unfortunates that get dragged along to the dreaded annual Christmas party? In the office, weeks of discussion and planning overtake all work related activities as dresses, heels, and make up take precedence over the latest sales report. Lunch breaks are filled with murmurs and rumor's about who might 'get with who', and whether the boss is going to bring his/her wife/husband. Bathrooms are ablaze with twittering chit-chat and gossip about whether the latest office relationship will fall at the first hurdle and reveal itself to all and sundry, as the potent punch secretly maneuvers into fifth gear with undetected, uncompromising, and unyielding cruelty. The nervous energy evident across the board is hilarious. People who spend forty odd hours a week together, act as if they have never seen each other before. Even the most reserved characters fall victim to the anxiety and apprehension that fills the air as the ghastly day draws ever closer.

Memories of past events return to haunt you, as images of drunken incidents flood your mind with cringe making clarity. You console yourself in the thought that you were not alone, and that Laura, or Maeve, or Jenny were way worse than you. After all it wasn't you who tried to chat up John from Marketing, nor was it you who tripped on your sky high platforms to fall drink first all over Michael from Human Resources. But it was you, embarrassingly, who, fueled with alcoholic Dutch courage, grabbed the microphone from the lead singer of the appalling band, and battled unmusically against the feedback screeches of faulty and badly malfunctioning amplifiers, in your rendition of Bette Midler's 'You are the Wind beneath my Wings'.

But what if you were given the task of picking a band to perform at the next party? Would you take into account the different personalities in your office block, and choose a band that could play a variety of tunes spanning all the musical decades, or would you go for a single tribute act, like ABBA or The Beatles? Perhaps you might go off the beaten track altogether and opt for something like a comedian or a magician, and totally ignore the likes or dislikes of your fellow colleagues. It's never any easy choice so why not do yourself a favor, jump onto the internet and track down a good entertainment agency?

Let the professionals make the decisions. Just give them an overall profile of the people in your company: age, sex, even the type of company you work with, because it can all help in getting the best band for the job. But it's not easy trying to please everyone. A group of people in an advertising agency will probably be far more open to something loud and varied, whereas those in an accounts office might be a tad more serious (accountants - so sorry!). Again, if the average age is 55, then there's not much point in choosing a hip hop band, or a cool DJ, but with the help of a good entertainment agency, you'll find the perfect band.

The range of acts on the best entertainment agency's books are vast. You might try one of the tribute acts who usually perform music that relates to a single artist, group or musical era. Other 'ordinaire' bands will draw from large catalogues of different genres, and can churn out an exciting, handpicked mix of specially chosen tracks, melodies and styles that will lighten the moods of even the most boring workmate. Then of course there's DJ's who play discs, scratching, spinning and swishing as they go, interspersed with electronic techno beats -a real art in itself. A good entertainment agency will have access to all.

At the end of the day, one of the biggest problems is trying to avoid picking your own personal favorites. But once you cast aside that selfish streak, you can get down to the business of pin pointing the act and nominating the playlist for the band that will best accommodate the interests of your work buddies, leaving you ample time to plan your outfit with ease. As belle of the ball, all eyes will be on you again, but this time it will be in admiration for your choice of entertainment and not your singing finesse. Who doesn't like a little limelight?